Sustainability and the environment

Always a focus on the future

Losby Gods is located in scenic Losbydalen – surrounded by nature. This cultural landscape has a history that stretches back hundreds of years, where sawmills, agriculture and now golf courses have been run sustainably and in coexistence with nature.

Given our location and history, it is natural for us to maintain a strong focus on sustainability and the environment– every day, to ensure that we continue this practice of sustainability in our time.

Losby Gods is proud to have Eco-Lighthouse certification. We have been certified since 2015 and are continuously working to improve ourselves. Our focus on the environment is a natural part of our company culture, and our environmental policy is embedded in our management, board of directors, and among our employees.

One important part of this certification is waste sorting. In a place such as Losby, with guests and meal services, waste sorting makes a huge difference. We have emphasised waste sorting since 2015 and have made the sorting process easy in both the guest rooms and the common areas.

In collaboration with its suppliers, Losby Gods will ensure that the hotel operations do not negatively impact nature or the local environment. We are also looking for ways to improve our surroundings. We will choose the right suppliers and demand the appropriate measures from them, and we will ensure a minimal ecological footprint in Losbydalen.

Losby Gods has its own garden where we cultivate herbs, rhubarb and edible flowers.

Over the last few years, we have phased out buffets and replaced them with plated meals. Our goal is to achieve the UN sustainable development goal of reducing by half global food waste by 2030.

Traffic to and from Losby Gods along Losbyveien is a challenge. We encourage our employees to carpool, cycle or walk if possible. We also encourage the use of electric vehicles and will establish additional electrical vehicle charging stations.

We have employees from 23 different nations and work closely with NAV to ensure an inclusive working life. Our company culture is based on respect, recognition, professionalism and good common sense.

Naturally, we are also engaged in the local environment. Each year, we sponsor local sports clubs and organisations.

Our environmental report from Eco-Lighthouse is available upon request.

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