Weddings and banquets

Weddings, jubilees, confirmations, baptisms, and holiday festivities.

A grand banquet or a manor wedding! Music and laughter under the crystal chandeliers, or a quiet and discrete conversation in soft velvet couches.

Losby Gods is a manor with traditions going back to the 19th century. Losby’s good reputation on how they treated their guests, is something we wish to offer you today just as before.

The banquets and the dinner parties play just a big a role today as it did 150 years ago. Back then, the popular New Year parties and Christmas parties were held at Losby Gods with guests from the high class society from Christiania, (now Oslo). Many times, the royal family and noblemen from the inner circles attended the private dinner parties with the Landlord himself and the Lady of the house, Cathrine Boeck.

Today the traditions go on with celebrations of weddings, jubilees, confirmations, baptisms, and holiday festivities.

To inquire about a banquet at Losby Gods, please contact us at

Or by phone: +47 67 92 33 11

Welcome to you all!


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