The Ultimate Bachelorette Package: Luxury romantic getaway

Take time out to keep the fires of passion burning brightly with the ultimate Bachelorette experience: a Luxury romantic getaway, for you and your love.

Take time out to keep the fires of passion burning brightly with the ultimate Bachelorette experience: a Luxury romantic getaway, for you and your love. The luxurious hotel Losby Gods was recently featured in an episode of ABC’s popular reality series “The Bachelorette”, where we follow Rachel Lindsay on her journey to find true love.

To commemorate this event, we are offering the “Ultimate Bachelorette Package”. The package will give you and your love the chance to relive some of the very romantic activities, featured in the series. The items in the package will be tailored to your needs, so the following activities will only serve as suggestions for possible experiences.

The package includes two nights at the Losby Gods Hotel, and we promise you an unforgettable luxurious and romantic getaway!

One of the episodes in season 13 of The Bachelorette, was recorded at the stately Losby Gods Hotel in the spring of 2017. During the series, Rachel Lindsay hopes to discover her Mr Right, and one of the rose ceremonies takes place at Losby Gods.

Luxury romantic getaway at Losby Gods

When you land at Gardermoen Airport, just 30 minutes away, you will be met by one of our private chauffeurs and conveyed here in the plush elegance of a vintage Daimler limousine. Only the best is good enough when you are heading for a sumptuously romantic weekend for two.

At the hotel, we will greet you with a dozen red roses and a bottle of champagne, before we show you up to our very best accommodation. The Haakon Suite is in the oldest part of the hotel, built in 1850, where the show was recorded. If you were in love when you arrived, a couple of nights in the Haakon Suite will make your passion burn even hotter. The room is named after King Haakon VII, who became Norway’s first reigning monarch after the restoration of the country’s independence in 1905.

The bathroom is equipped with both a jacuzzi and a sauna. And from its large windows you can see the fountain in front of the main entrance. From the balcony, you can look out over the beautiful garden, idyllic Norwegian countryside and one of Norway’s finest golf courses.

The suite is the hotel’s pride and joy, and you will both enjoy the pampering we provide those who stay there. Imagine waking up in the morning with your loved one beside you, and being served a delicious breakfast in bed. In true “The Bachelorette” style, you will have your very own butler to serve you throughout your stay.

Visit Oslo during your luxury getaway

There are several restaurants at the hotel. But to make sure you and your love can spend time completely undisturbed, we serve Chef’s exclusive five-course dinner in the privacy of the Library. Here, surrounded by red roses and flickering candles, you can enjoy a menu featuring the best seasonal produce.

We are proud of our wine cellar, which has its own unique atmosphere. Our Sommelier will offer you an unforgettable wine tasting experience. In addition to having the opportunity to sample some extremely exclusive varieties, you can also make your own requests for wines you would like to try. If you wish, we can also offer champagne tasting, a romantic and highly educational experience.

Although little can compare with the luxury of Losby Gods, we also recommend a visit to some of Oslo’s most famous sights and landmarks. The city centre is just 20 minutes from the hotel, and your butler will drive you there – in the Daimler, of course. We guarantee your heart will beat even faster after you have spent a luxury romantic getaway in these magical surroundings.

You will also be given a private reception at Oslo’s iconic Opera House. Here you will have the chance to enjoy an opera or ballet performance in one of the Opera House’s auditoriums.

Your evening in the capital rounds off at Ekebergrestauranten. This is a magnificent art deco restaurant nestled on the hillside overlooking Oslo. Here you and your love can enjoy stunning views along the fjord and over the city.

Losby God will tailor the package for you. Contact us at | +47 67 92 33 00.

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